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Fraln Energy introduces ESI Scholer for Incineration, RDF & Other Energy Solutions

Reduce Your Waste Problems to Ashes...
whilst reducing your environmental impact!

Sending waste to land-fill sites is a real headache.

Apart from the land-fill site contamination issues, there are the environmenal, health and safety aspects of collecting and transporting the waste to the land-fill site.

Depending on the location of your site and the land-fill site, sending waste to land-fill sites can also be very costly.

Keeping up with ever-changing government regulations can also divert precious staff time from other important site activities.

Yet, you want to deal with your waste problem in a manner consistent with our goal of ensuring sound environmental stewardship while not sending you broke.

What do you do? Burn Your Waste!

Incinerators are able to burn a whole range of waste including biomedical, commercial, hydrocarbons, plastics, synthetics, contaminated gases, foodstuffs and liquid waste.

Scholer Industries Incineration Systems:

  • Reduce solid waste to clean inert ash
  • Sterilize inorganic materials
  • Cleanse flue gases with our incinerator air pollution control systems
  • Optimise high performance compliance with our process controllers

ESI Scholer multi-chamber design and control operating logic (COL) technology is one of the most efficient and environmentally compliant incinerator systems available worldwide.

The resulting environmental, health, safety and economic advantages provide a sound argument in favour of incineration for waste disposal as a better solution and alternative to landfill.

Each incinerator is refined, and custom designed to match the client's individual waste specifications and operating requirements.

ESI Scholer have been designing, manufacturing, commissioning a range of high performance incineration systems for over 40 years.

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