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Australia's largest incinerator manufacturer

Scholer Industries has a proud tradition to follow in dealing with thermal waste reduction and disposal.

The founder Neal Scholer, has a family involvement in the incineration industry that has been unbroken since his grandfather, Harry A Scholer started "Goodrid Incinerator Company Pty Ltd" in 1927. This was well after Harry had distinguished himself in the newly developing incinerator industry as a leading designer and manufacturer of "natural draught" incinerators.

His sons, Phil & Paul Scholer eventually took over the family business and expanded operations as the largest incinerator manufacturer in Australia and actively exported to many countries worldwide.

Neal Scholer has been actively involved with incineration technology since starting out in the family business in 1970.
Over many years, the business has built a reputation of being at the forefront of incinerator technology resulting in being a reliable supplier of incinerators. Scholer Industries are proud of being able to deliver quality products on time anywhere in the world.

An environmentally friendly approach to waste 

In order to meet the ever increasing demand for responsible waste minimisation that also meet regulatory requirements for clean air; Scholer Industries offer a complete thermal waste management package commencing from the initial inquiry, through to design, product manufacture, delivery, on site commissioning and operator training.

Scholer Industries have developed a range of incinerators starting from small portable units using excess forced air, through to larger controlled air units with fully automatic operating systems. The small units provide excellent thermal waste reduction up to 50kg/hr while the larger units are capable of destroying over 1000kg/hr. The larger incinerators have also been designed for containerised transport. This gives the customer peace of mind during transport to site and minimises installation time, as the units come virtually ready for immediate use.

Custom designed incinerators to meet your requirements

Scholer Industries can fulfil a wide variety of customers' requirements including Turn-Key projects. We can supply two and three stage systems which can be semi or fully automatic and can be manually or automatically loaded.

Scholer Industries can talk to you with some authority on your waste minimisation problem and ensure that your needs are met.

Scholer Industries - WORKING For A Cleaner Planet 
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