The all-purpose commercial incinerator

The HSH incinerator is a controlled air, high temperature two-stage incinerator that will destroy both wet and dry waste in an efficient and environmentally safe manner.

The Hot Hearth Incinerators are considered to be the ‘standard’ incinerators for Scholer Industries and are ideal for mining and Industrial use, perfect for waste incineration on campsites.

Designed for the incineration of a wide variety of general and industrial waste materials, the HSH series have both primary and secondary combustion chambers which result in a secondary combustion and optimum fuel efficient destruction of smoke and volatile gases.

Destruction of both Wet & Dry Waste is controlled by Combustion Air entering through the side walls into the burning chamber, thus eliminating blockages through melting plastics or fats that can occur with air holes through the floor.

The "Controlled Excess Air" design provides operation in both "Starved" and "Excess" air modes in the Primary Chamber during different stages of the burning cycle and always supplies excess air in the secondary chamber to aid complete combustion of carbon rich waste gases.

Recycles its' own heat energy

Unlike competitor incinerators, the HSH incinerators have their secondary combustion chambers located underneath and to the back of the primary chamber, resulting in radiant heat to rise up into the primacy chamber combustion hearth which leads to not only saving fuel (reducing operation costs) but also gives the added benefit of recycling heat.

Easy loading and ash removal

The Hot Hearth Incinerators have large loading doors for easy manual loading and ash removal, with each model being individually designed to suit your requirement.

The HSH is ideal for

  • Industrial applications/Mine Sites/Waste Oils
  • Biomedical waste
  • Plastics, Synthetics
  • Packaging Materials and Commercial waste
  • Waste Foodstuffs
  • Liquids
  • Hydrocarbons and Filters

Manufactured to your requirements

HSH Incinerators are designed and manufactured in Australia and each HSH incinerator is designed and constructed for specific customer requirements according to the nature and type of waste materials requiring destruction. Scholer Industries provide an incineration system that satisfies our client demands, providing sound performance and reliability and meeting all relevant environmental requirements.

Four fully customizable models

The Hot Hearth Incinerators come in 4 different fully customizable models with varying burn capacities.

Click on each model to see their individual design/performance specification:

Destroys up to 50kg/hr

Destroys up to 100 kg/hr

Destroys up to 150 kg/h

Destroys up to 100kg/hr and comes in a containerised housing

Like all of the other incinerators from Scholer Industries, all the specifications for the HSH series can be modified and customised to suit your waste removal needs.