HSH Series - HSH50

Burning Rate

50 kg/hr

Chamber Capacity

Primary Combustion Chamber (PCC)*: 0.68m3
Secondary Combustion Chamber (SCC)*: 0.65m3

Chamber Temperature

PCC: 600o – 800o C
SCC: 900o – 1100o C

Internal Construction

Insulating Silicate Board, High Temperature Castables and Firebricks

Operation control

Microprocessor or PLC

Fuel type/usage

Diesel Fuel or Gas 12 – 18 Ltr/Hr**

Power Usage

2 kW/ hr @ 15Amps

Origin of technology design



12 months conditional

Chamber volume to be confirmed upon submission of client general arrangement drawings. This can vary dependant on the type of waste and local authority restrictions
** Fuels usage depends on CalorificValue and water content in waste