Scholers Portable Electric Incinerators use proven excess air technology and are designed to burn a wide variety of waste in an acceptable environmental manner. Whilst these portable incinerators are not installed with their own auxiliary burners and requires a dry catalyst to engage ignition of the waste, it’s high efficiency burning technology results in a clean burn. 

The incinerator is a portable industrial unit being able to achieve up to 98% waste reduction by volume, with some models being rated to burn from 18kg/hr to 45 kg/hr. Controlled gas mixing results in excellent combustion as well as aiding in gas retention resulting in lifting the temperature – couple that with a cyclonic air flow and you get a an enhanced combustion with efficient incineration.

For more information on any of our portable electric incinerator models, download our available PDFs below:

Download PDF > Turbo Burn NG
Download PDF > Turbo Burn Grate
Download PDF > Turbo Burn RC08
Download PDF > Spare Parts
Download PDF > Air Emission Test Certificate