Portable Medical Waste Incinerator - WR30

The WR30 Portable Medical Incinerator is a multi-chamber incinerator designed for the destruction of a wide variety of general and industrial waste materials, ideal for medical and pathological wastes.Popular for use in healthcare clinics and campsites, the WR30 excels in incinerating wet waste, and is a lower cost alternative to the standard HSH incinerators from Scholer Industries.

The incinerator operates in a controlled excess air mode, by which the necessary supply of fan forced air enters into the primary chamber at pre-set cycle times, whilst the secondary combustion chamber (located above the primary chamber) is also fed with a controlled supply of fan forced air providing a fast rate of secondary combustion and optimum fuel efficient destruction of smoke and volatile gases.

The WR30 is controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and with pre-set timers it controls the various phases of each combustion cycle, with a shut-down timer feature which automatically activates at the completion of each days’ operation.

Burning Rate

20-50 kg/hr

Chamber Capacity

Primary Combustion Chamber (PCC)*: 0.5m3
Secondary Combustion Chamber (SCC)*: 0.5m3

Chamber Temperature

PCC: 600o – 800o C
SCC: 900o – 1200o C

Internal Construction

Insulating Silicate Board, High Temperature Castables

Operation control

PLC compliant to AS/NZ standards

Fuel usage/type

Diesel Fuel 12– 18 Ltr/Hr**

Power Usage

2 kW/ hr @ 15Amps

Origin of technology design



12 months conditional

* Chamber volume to be confirmed upon submission of client general arrangement drawings. This can vary dependant on the type of waste and local authority restrictions

** Fuels usage depends on the heat release given from the loaded waste